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Existing dangers and problems in the needle and syringe disposal procedures.

Needles are not destroyed immediately after their use.There are a great many various devices and methods to dispose used needles and syringes. Common to them is, that needles are not necessarily destroyed immediately after their use. It is obvious and backed up by all the available statistics that when more time passes from the use of the needle to its permanent destruction/disposal, the risk of an injury remarkably increases.

"Sharps containers" cannot be kept permanently in all wards. Children's and Psychiatric wards are examples of cases, in which the containers must be brought along separately together with other materials, or the undisposed needles must be taken back for later disposal.

Gypsum casting is dangerous, time consuming and expensive. Collecting needles into containers, their tranportation, possible transfer into bigger containers etc. are all dangerous, timeconsuming and therefore expensive steps towards final disposal of used needles and syringes. Limited personnel resources could certainly be used to more productive tasks.

Separating needles and syringes into ordinary and hazardous waste is dangerous, costly and time consuming. If needles and syringes are separated for later disposal as a hazardous and an ordinary waste, this procedure is dangerous, timeconsuming and therefore also expensive. Again, limited personnel resources could certainly be used to more productive tasks. Alternatively, if needles and syringes are kept together and thrown into a "sharps container", the container is very soon full, since the needles and syringes are not in an ordely manner in the container. The container is full of air but still full.

The high costs of hazardous waste handling. Quantity of hazardous waste is high, since the containers are mostly full of air. Accordingly the disposal costs are high.  Furthermore, the syringes are normally included in the hazardous waste, even though they could be disposed as an ordinary waste. However, this would require a safe and fast method to separate the needles and syringes.

There are no handy Needle and Syringe Disposal Devices available, especially for mobile jobs. Due to this fact all kinds of unsatisfactory methods are being used for example by  Communal Health Care and Veterinary personnel.   

The risks that used but still operational syringes end up in wrong hands. If Syringes are disposed of as an ordinary waste, but without rendering them unusable, there is always risk, that they end up in wrong hands.

How the use of NaXiT will help you:

NaXiT™ is designed to be used during and immediately after the needle is used (or found). Immediate permanent disposal/destroying of needles is the best and cheapest way to reduce risks of a needlestick injury. It is not necessary to place needles into "sharps containers" nor to transport them anywhere for disposal. NaXiT™ is a portable and pocket-sized personal/ward device and therefore easy to keep along. It works mechanically requiring no electricity.

There is no need for "sharps containers". NaXiT™ container stores only the metallic part of the needle thereby holding up to hundreds of cut needles in a small space. However, if "sharps containers" are used, NaXiT™ containers can also be used in parallel with them.  Placing small NaXiT™ containers into larger "sharps containers" will greatly increase their storage capacity due to the high packing density of needles in the NaXiT™ containers.

There is no need for Gypsum casting of used needles for disposal. The disposable NaXiT™ container stays firmly closed when not attached to the device itself. Once full (capacity up to hundreds of cut needles), the container can therefore be disposed of easily without any further disposal procedures. This will save time and costs.

Reduced costs of hazardous waste disposal. The use of NaXiT™ device makes the separation of needles and syringes fast, effortless and safe. Furthermore, the packing density of waste is greatly improved. The reduced quantity of hazardous waste together with the use of inexpensive disposable NaXiT™ containers will substantially reduce the overall costs. Handling of used needles and syringes with NaXiT™ is an economic and safety enhancing alternative in hospitals and in numerous other jobs.

 Re-use of the syringes. NaXiT™ prevents the re-use of the syringes by puncturing the syringe with the cutter device at the handle f the device.Neither is the needle length a problem! NaXiT™ cuts needles up to a length of 56mm with one go. Longer needles can simply be cut twice or more. NaXiT™ can be used up to the needle diameter of 2mm.

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