NaXiT™ Text Box: LEINO
This is how it works: 
Open NaXiT™ by moving the lock slide down. This releases both the handle and the top cover.

(1) Place the needle HORIZONTALLY on top of the needle slot, turn it 90 degrees and push it all the way down into the needle slot. (Alternatively, you may also place the device standing on table and place the needle into the needle slot with one hand).

(2) Press the handle to cut the needle. The cut needle drops automatically into the container.

While still pressing the handle, the plastic needle cone is being held at the slot. The syringe is disconnected from the plastic cone by pulling the syringe out. This is a safe method to change needles.


Re-use and mis-use of the syringe is prevented by puncturing the syringe with a cutter at the handle.


The disposable needle container remains closed when NaXiT™ is locked and/ or when the container is separated from the device. The container holds hundreds of cut needles, depending on the needle size. Once full, the container is replaced with a new one. Full container can be easily disposed of.

NaXiT™ can easily be disinfected.

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