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is indispensable in various jobs 

Health care sector

NaXiT™ is not only a solution to the needs of hospital wards, emergency and first-aid care services, diabetics etc. It is also ideal for people in various mobile jobs, for instance in communal home health care, for rescue and ambulance personnel, veterinarians, dentists, .


Other sectors

Used injection needles are occasionally encountered in numerous other professions outside the health care sector.  Due to its technology, small size and light weight NaXiT™ offers a safe and easy way to immediately, on the spot, to dispose these potentially dangerous needles and syringes.  It is therefore a  handy tool to have in the police squad cars and for prison wardens.  If NaXiT™ is kept in the vehicle, the occasional needles, which are left behind by drug addicts, can be safely destroyed by the park keepers.  Hazardous needles, unfortunately, are often found in toilets in restaurants, bars, gas stations and other public buildings. NaXiT™ offers a safe way to dispose these used and dangerous needles to the staff involved in janitorial work.

NaXiT™ enhances work safety by cutting the used needle from the plastic needle cone and containerizing the needle. Used needles are immediately out of way from causing potential hazards. The used syringe can be destroyed by puncturing it with a cutter at the handle. The syringe can no more  be used and can be disposed of by throwing it to the waste.

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