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NaXiT™ simplifies needle handling and disposal. It is no longer necessary to collect used needles in jars or separate containers.  Gypsum casting is no longer necessary. Needles no longer need to be separated as ordinary or hazardous waste. The needles simply disappear into NaXiT™ disposable container, which can store several hundred cut needles . Once full, this container can then be thrown away as a normal waste. A new disposable replacement container lets NaXiT™ to serve you again.


By using NaXiT™ changing filling needle to injection needle is safe and easy without touching the used needle by hand. The in-build needle cone holder makes this possible .

The compact  NaXiT™  is designed for easy use. It is pocket-sized and of light weight. It is easy to keep in your pocket, bag, office desk, glove compartment of your vehicle etc. No more problems in immediate disposal of used needles

The more time passes from the application of an injection needle to its disposal, the more separate actions it takes, the higher the risk for a needle stick accident. Needles may unintentionally be left behind in beds, tables, or they may drop on the floor, especially when something unexpected occurs. International statistics show that about 75% of needle stick injuries happens after the actual injection procedure is already completed. NaXiT™ destroys needles immediately after their use, thereby substantially reducing a risk of an injury.


NaXiT™  cuts the needle right underneath the plastic cone. The cone is safe to be thrown to waste. As NaXiT™  containerises only the metal part of the needle, the small container holds hundreds of cut needles.

The NaXiT™ containers can be disposed similarly to the ordinary "sharps containers". If NaXiT™ containers are used  parallel to "sharps containers" their storage capacity is hugely increased, since the NaXiT™ containers stores only metallic parts of needles and not the larger plastic cones of needles.


Even syringes can be punctured with a cutter at the NaXiT™ handle for preventing their re- and misuse.

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