Destroy used Needles and Syringes

    Change Filling Needle to Injection Needle

This patented, portable, pocket size, hand held device makes working with injection needles and syringes safe and easy.

NaXiT™ cuts and containerizes the needles and disconnects the syringe from the needle, without touching the needle by hand, thus making the change from the filling needle to the injection needle safe and easy.

The disposable needle container holds hundreds of cut needles. Containers can be disposed as an ordinary waste.

Even syringes can be punctured to prevent their re-use.


NaXiT™ is an excellent, safety enhancing tool, for example, to the following professions and institutions: nurses, home health care workers, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, ambulance personnel, janitors, park keepers, police, prison wardens, field hospitals etc.
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